About Me

My name is Jaci and I have an extreme desire for traveling and taking photos. Staying in one place for to long freaks me out, running after a sunrise or sunset to get the perfect shot is my bread and butter, and not knowing where I travel next excites me. If something doesn’t involve my camera, really good food, or any positive energy I’m probably not that interested. Good conversations over coffee, collaborating with amazing people, riding my bike, jamming out on my paddleboard and photographing my travels to is the ultimatum. I am from Miami and am always on the beach either shooting sunrises or hanging out on my hammock.

I invite you to check out my blog, comment if you like, and share my experiences with the world!

I have a six week solo trip coming up in the end of April to Spain and Portugal. I’ll be documenting my entire journey, subscribe to my blog to stay tuned!!


Hanging out on cliffs in the Grand Canyon, awesomeness.


Oh and I also LOVE going to Burning Man, it’s beyond anything that can be put into words!


Photographing the sunrise in NYC in pjs at 40 degrees on a rooftop… 🙂


Thank for checking out my blog, stay tuned!!

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